Acts Forward: Continuing the Greatest Story Ever Told

Acts Forward: Continuing the Greatest Story Ever Told

What can we learn from Luke about telling the story of the Church?

Two-thousand years ago, a man named Luke joined a group of Christians in their mission spread the message of the Messiah. His work stands today not only as a short history about the start of the Church, but also as a model for how we can continue telling the greatest story ever told.

Today, we live in a world with unprecedented opportunity (and tools) to communicate around the world in a matter of seconds. There has never been I time so ripe for spreading the Gospel. That's what makes this book so important... for every Christian. We have been given the mission of sharing the Good News, and Luke shows us how.

About the Book

In this book, blogger, author, and speaker Dan King shares insight into what Luke can teach us about telling the story of the Church. In the book, we’ll explore ideas like:

  • The Importance of Reporting: Luke the Journalist
  • The Importance of Vocation: Luke the Physician
  • The Importance of Investigation: Luke the Historian
  • The Importance of Persuasion: Luke the Evangelist
  • The Importance of Craft: Luke the Artist

We’ll look to Luke for insights we can apply today, and we’ll even play around with the idea of what it might have been like for Luke if he had the technology we have today. The result is a practical guide for using the resources we have to share the Gospel like never before!

Genre: Christian Living
Publisher: BibleDude Press
Publication Year: 2019
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