some things aren’t worth compromising

“Dan, I know you love spending time with your family, but don’t let that get in the way of your career.” He flew me one thousand miles across the country to sit me down and tell me this. I knew that moment was the beginning of the end of a decade-long relationship...

how get #elfontheshelf to preach it!

Like many other families, the Christmas stuff comes out and get set up almost immediately after Thanksgiving. We get the artificial tree out, light up the festive candles, and turn up the Christmas music channel on Pandora. One thing you need to know about us is...

#selfies with jerry

One of the many highlights of the #AfricaWH blogger trip for me was meeting Jerry. He's an orphan living at Destiny Villages of Hope in Uganda, thanks to Operation Baby Rescue (a World Help initiative). After watching this video about his story, I think meeting Jerry...

last things

I am surprised my daughter didn’t think about what I assumed was obvious. She lifts a clean plate from the dishwasher, places it on top of the stack on the kitchen counter; among cans of pumpkin and a warm crock pot simmering with pulled pork for dinner. Holding a...



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