how to study the bible for beginners

How To Study the Bible (For Beginners)

Is there anything more important to the Christian experience than the Bible? Yet studies show not only that few ever really read it, but even fewer read it well. And that’s what this short compilation of lessons on “How To Study the Bible” is all about.

Book Description:

This e-book is designed to help the layperson become a better reader of the Scriptures. It’s NOT for the master theologian or Bible teacher (unless you’re looking for a simple guide to help teach other how to get more out of their Bible studies). After years of study and education as a small group and ministry leader in the church, this is the book I (the author, Dan King) wish I had when I first decided to follow Christ. It’s the stuff that makes me fall deeper in love with the Living Word (a.k.a. Jesus) more and more each and every time I pick up the book.

Build on a series of lessons taught to a youth group about how to read, and live, the Bible, has three goals:

1) To build a stronger understanding of the Bible and its structure.
2) To learn how to read the Bible intelligently.
3) To fall more in love with the Book.

Each of the lessons covered could be it’s own full course, but I’ve broken it down into simple, easy to digest lessons designed to give you the basic tools to study the Bible better. Plus there are resources included that can help you dig even deeper into these topics to develop your Bible study skills even further, if you’d like.

Table of Contents:

  • an introduction to the Bible
  • a short survey of the old testament
  • a short survey of the new testament
  • complete guide to the 3 types of bible translations
  • how to do a bible word study
  • rules for bible interpretation
  • what now?

Book Endorsements:

“How to Study the Bible (for Beginners)” is aimed at young people and people new to faith. But it has value and application for all Christians, no matter where they are in their faith. It’s a guide, it’s a reference manual, and it’s a reminder of just how much value there is in studying the Bible.

Glynn Young

Author of "Dancing Priest, A Novel"

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