Books by Dan King

A popular, long-time blogger and writer for websites like The High Calling and ChurchLeaders, Dan King’s has written and contributed to several books. 

The books are all written from the heart of challenging and inspiring people to discover what it means to live out your Christian faith. Whether it’s developing a stronger relationship with the Word of God, or getting people to get out of the pew and make a difference in the world around them, readers are moved to developing a deeper relationship with God.

books by dan king
the unlikely missionary

The Unlikely Missionary: From Pew-Warmer to Poverty Fighter

In addition to the stories of people and experiences from a trip to Africa, the book is full of practical ideas and exercises that will challenge you discover world-changing passion whether it takes you half-way around the world or keeps you right at home in your own backyard.

activist faith, dan king, dillon burroughs, daniel darling

Activist Faith: From Him and For Him

Join the Christian movement that loves like Jesus! The Bible doesn’t call us to like or tweet about or even vote on human need and social problems. It calls us to act—to feed the hungry, visit prisoners, care for orphans, and bring good news to the poor. Join the authors of Activist Faith as they share biblical contexts, personal stories, and practical guidance for engaging twelve divisive social issues. Written for Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and even those who despise religion yet love Jesus. Activist Faith will guide you toward speaking—and living—the truth in love.

how to study the bible for beginners

How To Study The Bible (For Beginners)

Is there anything more important to the Christian experience than the Bible? Yet studies show not only that few ever really read it, but even fewer read it well. And that’s what this short compilation of lessons on “How To Study the Bible” is all about.

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