• Today’s team devotional: Matthew 1:13-19 … Who do you say that I am? #
  • The success or failure of our trip depends on how we answer that question… #
  • Just learned that the local Thika microloan program has less than a 1 percent LATE PAYMENT rate! #
  • Standing at Ann’s backpack shop. She does amazing work, makes a difference for her family… #
  • Just met Purity who makes dresses. Can now pay school fees for 6 yr old son. #
  • Jane and Amoswarui run a small grocery store. They have two beautiful children. #
  • Just met Margaret, an amazingly resourceful farmer. She’s in the middle of good egg laying season. #
  • Boniface is a glove-maker who now employs 8 people due to a great account he scored with DelMonte. #
  • When Irene says that her second-hand shop allows her to buy things for her kids, she means meat and bread. #
  • Eunice loves the job security that her electronics shop gives her. #
  • Just saw ‘Jesus Fountain of Life Tailoring’. Why are businesses in the US not as open about their faith? #
  • Nancy’s farm has enabled her to get electricity to her home and feed her kids dinner. #
  • How often do you see pastors in the US who are also community and economic leaders? #

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africa trip twitter feed for 2009-05-18

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