africa trip twitter feed for 2009-05-20

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May 20, 2009

  • Today’s team devotion: Judges 10:1-5… How do you want to be remembered? #
  • Tola and Jair left very little to no legacy despite their combined rule of 55 yrs as Judges over Israel. #
  • The groups are doing an amazing job putting together their business plans! #
  • I am discovering that not all of my text messages are making it online, but much more will be shared when I return home#
  • The trip is going amazingly well so far… our first round of classes just graduated today! #
  • I got to teach my finances and record keeping session today, and that seemed to be a VERY powerful session for the attendees… #
  • I wish that we had more time to teach them so much more, and stretch it out over a greater period of time… they are SO hungry for it all! #
  • The class graduation ceremony was very special. For most, this is the only ‘graduation’ ceremony that they have ever had… #
  • The people are incredibly grateful for the (small) seed that we have planted in their lives, and I feel like we have grown into family. #
  • I also just want to give a shout-out to Krista and Samuel! I love you guys and I miss you very much! I am praying for you! XOXO MUCH LOVE!!! #
  • I will continue to text in my updates, and already have LOTS of pictures and stories to share when I return home… Please keep praying! thx #
  • @danohlerking told me that this #fightpoverty trip would mess with my head… dude is SO right (in a very good way)! #
  • I got couple dents in my fender. Got a couple rips in my jeans. – Francesca Battistelli #
  • 18 percent of Kenyans have electricity in their homes. – KTN News #

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africa trip twitter feed for 2009-05-20

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