• Rolling hills filled with acres of tea plants growing as far as the eye can see… what a beautiful sight! #
  • Just stopped for lunch. My smoked fish and rice entree costs 4500 shillings… which is just over $2! #
  • The Muslim strategy to convert Africa involves dangling money and (free) education to attract the poor… #
  • This tactic is one of the many reasons that good, Christian microfinance programs are important. #
  • Watching three small children take turns carrying a container of water… #
  • Most of the homes that we’ve driven by today are literally mud huts of around 150-200 sq feet. #
  • Imagine whole towns with no public utilities… water, sewer, electricity… Welcome to western Uganda. #
  • We’ve settled in now in Kasese. Just trying to relax for a bit before going out to meet clients tomorrow. #

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africa trip twitter feed for 2009-05-25

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