Author: Claire Florine

feeling guilty about being saved: my 19-year-old self

Dear God, There is a way in which I sometimes I felt a sense of belonging. Belonging to a family. But I never felt I belonged to you. It was like I was walking alone, next to a ghost who had died centuries ago, drifting silently at my feet, as my shadow cast over the sidewalk like a blanket dragged behind me solemnly. I knew you were lurking somewhere near, though I could not see you. I felt you hang on me like a weighty neckline, pushing me past the edge of good posture. It is true. I feel...

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“if God had given me her legs, i would be in deep trouble…”

I glance over at the girl right ahead of me in line. She’s probably 16, wearing light blue-jean cut-off short shorts and a white tank top. Her hair is blonde, highlighted and thick, hanging perfectly straight down to her shoulder blades. Her skin is perfectly tan and her long legs are shapely and smooth. She is a classic high school hottie, and even at the ripe old age of 24, I am surprised to find that I am not in the least bit jealous when looking at her. The past 15 years of my life have been, like most...

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