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that time my son reminded me how God is in control

Sometimes you just need a reminder that God is in control. Click To Tweet And sometimes God speaks to us in the most unexpected ways. That happened to Krista and I the other day. It’s been a whirlwind of a week. If you told me a week ago that we’d have a newborn baby in our house within the week, I would have told you that you’re crazy. We’ve wanted to adopt for a couple of years, but nothing ever seemed to work out or feel right. So when I got the phone call asking me if we wanted...

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3 lessons from a year of activist faith

The Activist Faith project has been more than a book project for me. It’s been part of a process of discovering a way of life. The process started in my heart several years ago, and it’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year since the book was released. In the last year of my #activistfaith journey, I’ve experienced some amazing stuff (in no particular order): Conducted several radio interviews, including one on Moody Radio The building of a school dreamed of by a Haitian pastor, and funded by a once-in-a lifetime team of bloggers A visit to an incredible ministry...

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how to do social justice while you work

I got to introduce someone to the wide-open world of Google. It was a few years ago, but still… it was around the time the word “google” was being added to the dictionary in verb form, meaning “to search the Internet to find information.” I forget her name, but I remember her amazement quite clearly. There was an expected bit of sensory overload, mixed with an equal amount of head-spinning at the virtually limitless possibilities. It was something like watching a person who had been blind their whole life able to see for the first time. The company I worked for...

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gravity waves, the big bang, and my unshakable faith

This post is probably going to get some people mad at me. I just noticed that Big Bang is a trending conversation on Facebook, and saw some really fascinating articles about how astronomers believe they’ve finally proven the Big Bang Theory. I don’t really fully understand the science myself. And I’m not going to pretend to say that I know enough to argue against it. Essentially, they’ve found some gravity waves that prove the rapid expansion of the Universe in the first few nanoseconds after the Big Bang. It’s being called one of the greatest discoveries of our time,...

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#selfies with jerry

One of the many highlights of the #AfricaWH blogger trip for me was meeting Jerry. He’s an orphan living at Destiny Villages of Hope in Uganda, thanks to Operation Baby Rescue (a World Help initiative). After watching this video about his story, I think meeting Jerry was at the top of almost everyone’s list when we arrived at the village… Jerry will likely never know that our short time together had a profound impact on me. He helped me remember a very important life principle, and he did it in a kind of unexpected way. He did it through...

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i didn’t make myself an orphan (reflections from #AfricaWH day four)

Today was a one of the most difficult and most anticipated days for me on this trip. It was difficult because I knew I’d be visiting the Kigali Genocide Museum. It’s a memorial built to help Rwanda (and the world) never forget the tragic history that resulted in over 1,000,000 people being brutally massacred twenty years ago as a means of ethnic cleansing. It was greatly anticipated because of the amount of research I’ve done as I prepared to write the chapter on War, Terrorism, and Genocide for Activist Faith. That was an important chapter for me to write...

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what it means to leave a legacy (reflections from #AfricaWH day three)

I’ve thought a lot today about legacy. We went to a service this morning in Kampala at a church plant started by some pretty special people. These young men and women were all former Children of the World choir members. Each of them participated in the World Help program touring the United States to help raise awareness and support for the fight against malnutrition and poverty. I watched Noel Yeatts, VP of World Help, break down in tears over the result of many years of sowing into these young people. Today many are graduating high school and headed to...

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