Author: Dan King

some things aren’t worth compromising

“Dan, I know you love spending time with your family, but don’t let that get in the way of your career.” He flew me one thousand miles across the country to sit me down and tell me this. I knew that moment was the beginning of the end of a decade-long relationship working in corporate America. I was never a huge fan of being on the road as frequently as they might have liked. If the trip added value for everyone involved, I was totally on board, but I wanted to be a good steward of company resources. In...

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a pregnancy of the heart (our story of saying “yes” to #adoption)

She loves to be tickled. When most kids would squirm and ask you to stop, my one-and-a-half-year-old daughter giggles, “Tickle, Daddy!” as if she wants more. I love those moments with my children. You know the ones—when the whole world disappears, and nothing else seems to matter except that precious, intimate moment. But this time my mind wanders to another child, one we’ve never met. One whom I know will someday be a part of our family. What will her (or his) laugh sound like? Will she like to be tickled too, or will she want to stop because...

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the #activistfaith voter guide to the presidential elections

I’m pretty much over the drama with the current election cycle. Is it just me, or are the presidential elections getting to be more hateful and divisive? And it doesn’t stop with the presidential candidates. Rarely do you see campaign ads designed to educate people on the position of a political candidate. More often than not, their message tells you how bad the other person is. I think of the words of Jesus, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God” (Matt. 5:9, NASB). The issues from both sides as it relates to character, morality,...

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after three years in jail, this guy has an (awesome) dream for his community

Overcoming the impacts of poverty requires the breaking of cycles. And that’s exactly what Alexis Quintero is doing. He runs a store in his community in Casco Viejo, Panama where shoppers don’t need cash to buy anything. Instead, they buy items using poker chips earned by doing good deeds in the community. People can earn chips by doing selfless acts like cleaning the streets and volunteering. Quintero opened his shop after spending three years in jail. He had spent much of his life on the streets after being caught in the cycles of poverty and gang violence. Now he’s helping...

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how get #elfontheshelf to preach it!

Like many other families, the Christmas stuff comes out and get set up almost immediately after Thanksgiving. We get the artificial tree out, light up the festive candles, and turn up the Christmas music channel on Pandora. One thing you need to know about us is that we’re an Elf on the Shelf family. Each year, we open Bob’s box, and he magically jumps out in the middle of the night to take his place for the kids to find each new day. If I’m being completely honest, while Elf on the Shelf is always fun for the kids, it has gotten pretty boring for...

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the #codexinstagramus initiative: a bible photography project

What if you could only use pictures to tell the story of the Gospel? I’ve been thinking a great deal about Luke, the writer of his Gospel and the Book of Acts. The influence of his writing is unquestionable. But one thing most people don’t know about him is that he was also an iconographer. In a largely illiterate world (also without widescale printing), Luke turned to art, a sort of ancient bible photography, to tell the stories and communicate the Gospel of Christ to people who weren’t able to read it. I’m studying Luke to learn how to better capture and communicate the...

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what’s the deal with the faith at work movement?

There’s a movement beginning to stir. Literature being published on this theme is on the rise, conversations and initiatives on college campuses are becoming more frequent, and media coverage (traditional and digital) is broaching the subject more often. What kind of movement are we talking about? It’s the faith at work movement. I’m not sure exactly what’s bringing it on. Maybe it’s the rise in deteriorating moral values by executive leadership, as we’ve seen with the Enron scandal and many others since then. Maybe it’s a move of the Holy Spirit. Or, maybe it’s a combination of both prompting people...

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