No Stones: Women Redeemed From Sexual Addiction, by Marnie C. Ferree is a book of Hope, Healing and Full-On Grace for the female struggling with sexually addictive behaviors.

Sexual Addiction is as real and common as any other addiction or condition and believe it or not, effects just as many women as it does men. Men have always been and still are more easily excused and treated for this condition then are women. Because society views woman with this condition as whores, the overwhelming shame and guilt force many to suffer in silence and secrecy for many years before seeking professional help.

As odd as it may sound, Sexual Addiction is not about sex at all. It is actually an Intimacy Disorder. A false intimacy and a false solution for legitimate needs, driven by pain and loneliness, and NOT by physical gratification.  One with this condition is basically on a desperate search for love, affection, acceptance and approval and not simply looking to engage in the act of sex as the name suggests.

The author helps her reader to identify what the problem is, how/why it came about and more importantly, how to fix it. By disclosing her own personal battle with the condition, Marnie does an exceptional job in bringing to the table as well as the altar, this ever-present and ever-growing condition while providing in-depth information, advice, encouragement and resources for those interested in overcoming this addiction.

Up until I read this book, I had no clue that those women who I once saw as whores and home-wreckers were in fact battling with a real condition that more than likely stemmed from a childhood traumatic experience through no fault of their own. Sisters who were trapped in an endless, generational, merry-go-round ride of abuse and trauma, desperately searching for a way out and more importantly for the helping hand of an understanding and supportive sister.

If you or someone you know is struggling with any type of sex/love/intimacy/relationship issue that fits the criteria of one with Sexual Addiction (see Chapter Six), there is no need to suffer in silence or secrecy any longer, Help IS here!!! And not only Help, but Grace, Forgiveness and another shot at Purity, through the Mercy & Compassion of a Loving Father and the Sacrifice of a Faithful Son.

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book review: no stones [women redeemed from sexual addiction]

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