by Leslie Rowe


Compassion: sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it. (Source:

Who: Jesus. Mothers. Friends. Women. Healthcare workers. Missionaries. Some fathers. People in power who have good hearts. Kind people. Some Christians. Anyone who will. You. Me.

What: Giving. Feeling. Understanding. Helping. Ministering. Feeding. Watering. Clothing. Healing. Helping again. Helping when you don’t feel like it. Forgoing comfort.

When: Today. Yesterday. At the cross. Tomorrow. Now. Always.

Where: Slums. Hospitals. Orphanages. Third-world countries. Cities. Neighborhoods. My house. Your house. Wherever it is needed. Here.

Why: Jesus had it. Jesus lived it. Jesus commanded it. Because of empathy. Love. Passion. Compelling. Blessing. Because I live in America and my refrigerator is full.


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Leslie Rowe is a freelance business and marketing writer in Sarasota, Florida.

compassion: a thoughtful brainstorm

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