I coast through most days on auto pilot.

But today is different, and I don’t know why, but as the sun wakes me slowly, I have that deep within feeling that this day before me has been made by God, and as the sun spills across my bed, and dances across the room, I know then, something special is going to happen.

I crawl sleepy from my plush bed, slide into jeans, and go outside with my puppy, Mr. Watson.

The cool air whispers against my bare chest and I feel alive, so alive, and as I sit waiting on my front porch for Mr. Watson to quit sniffing, I watch the sun play on the river’s reflective face while the fish jump hungrily from its depths. Birds sing. Trees gently sway. Grass tickles my bare toes.

All of nature is talking to God.

I smile and congratulate the puppy bouncing relieved at my feet, and we sneak together back inside to make coffee before the neighbors see us so unclothed and uncombed.

Opening my Bible to the Psalms, I read some of the most beautiful poetry ever written as I sip coffee and I glance up once or twice and laugh as Mr. Watson growls at his toy squeaky squirrel.

Southern Gal pads across carpet and joins me and not a lot is said, but we are both all smiles as we enjoy this new day together in silence.

I get ready to leave for work and when I come back to the living room, Southern Gal sits holding Mr. Watson and I lean close to kiss her goodbye. And as I do, Mr. Watson leans in for his kiss also and we all laugh, but I kiss him anyway, because after all, today is a special day and I may not know what is special about it yet, but I am not about to ruin my chances of finding out by refusing a puppy a kiss.

Reversing out of the driveway, I think a little about my morning and it is then, I realize today already has been special. And the thought comes to me how this very day has been placed before me by God and it’s almost as if He’s signed it “With Love”.

And I wonder if yesterday, the day that had gone mostly wrong, hadn’t also been signed the same way, but I’d been too stuck in a routine called life to notice.

-Duane Scott

when we discover a day signed with love

by Duane Scott time to read: 2 min