He tells us beside the Frio‘s flow, in his talk on The Care and Feeding of Creativity.

That when work stalls and words stop, move.

Because it’s in the moving that we breathe.

It’s in the breathing that we keep breathing.

Breath in. Breath out.

Breath in. Work out.

Because the brain needs oxygen.

And oxygen lights the coals of creativity.

While the sedentary smothers it.

Brain rule #1: Exercise boosts brain power.

He tells us we need thirty minutes of aerobic exercise five days a week to keep our brains sharp, to keep our creative flow, to extend our lives.

And when you’re stuck, he says, go for a run. Or walk too fast to sing.

The creative sweet spot is right after exercise.

Before. A. Shower.

So today when words tumble and jam and time is short, I push my chair back and go for a walk.

I sling my camera over my shoulder, and go in chase of a creative spark.

I go on the hunt for beauty.

I look for slivers of wonder in everyday-take-for-granted sights up and down our road.

I try to see them in a new light, from a new perspective.

My heart speeds up even in the stop-and-go of it.

I walk a mile and and a half and take a hundred pictures.

When I come back, I place fingers on keys.

And watch words flow.





for when your creativity wanes

by Sandra Heska King time to read: 1 min