i’m glad to be alive

pain, kidney stone, alive

Written by Mark Lafler

B.A., Global University; M.C.S., Regent College I am currently serving as a youth minister at our church in Sarasota, FL. I am married to Tera (15 Years +) and we have 3 beautiful daughters.

November 28, 2012

pain, kidney stone, alive

I sat in the car wondering what was going on. My side was in great pain and I couldn’t stop sweating. My vacation was not supposed to go this way. We had just finished lunch and were going to visit a few shops and suddenly this great pain to the right of my stomach started.

I wanted to spend time with my wife and three children. Now I didn’t know what was happening. We drove to our hotel hoping I might feel better if I lay down. All I could think of was how much I loved my family, asking God for help, and an old Pearl Jam song with the lyrics, “…don’t go on me now… I swear I took it for granted…”

The bed did not help. I paced. I couldn’t get comfortable or ease the pain. We called an ambulance.

The emergency medical staff came and did a few tests. They didn’t know why I had the pain, but they had some ideas. They took me to a nearby hospital, which after a few more tests I found out that I was the proud owner of a kidney stone.

With the knowledge of what was happening and some pain medication I was able to get through it and pass the stone a few days later.

What a vacation.

As I reflect on this experience that I had a few weeks ago I can’t help but think of that verse in James 4:14, “…What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes” (ESV). Life really is short.

When you compare our life with our future eternity there is no comparison. Our life is so minute compared to our future existence. Yet, God has placed such a weight on our life in the now.

What is my impact? What is my role? What do people say when I am not around? What is my influence?

One thing is for sure – make it count. Make this life count. (Click to tweet this!) Be that story that motivates other people. Be that movie that makes people think for days after they watched it. Be like one of the apostles who changed the world around them. Be like that great hero of church history who spread the good news about the Kingdom of God.

Moreover, be like Jesus. He preached the good news and was a servant of all.

Well, I better end this post because I got some work to do on being Jesus to others…



  1. SimplyDarlene

    Thanks for sharing this story. Yikers about the kidney stone, but Yay! about being like Christ with every breathe we take.

    Let our legacies be God-grande!


    • Mark Lafler

      Yes… let us continue the legacy of all the saints that have come before us… Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. Sandra Heska King

    Loved this, Mark. And I was right with you from the beginning. Somehow I knew the ending from the first paragraph. I’ve seen my husband through two kidney stones. Great reminder to make every moment, every breath count.

    • Mark Lafler

      Yep, the kidney stone thing is no fun… God bless your husband and may he never get one again!!

  3. Andy Carlson

    To become Christ like in our actions; or to become Christ like in our character. To become Christ like in my character my actions will flow from following his calling for my life. If I find that place my life will filled with his light drawing others to him. The balance between seeking and serving him and while serving others is such a struggle. To become a “good and faithful servant” by our devotion – even in the times of difficulty – we hope to find those words true of ourselves. Thank you Mark for reminding me to continually strive for what is worthy, not simply for what is good.

    • Mark Lafler

      What is worthy not just what is good. Interesting thoughts and word choice. Are all good things worthy? Hmm… Thanks for sharing Andy.


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i’m glad to be alive

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