How can one describe the depths and mercy and grace that is God’s love?

Lord, your love is indescribable, but oh, grant me words to try. Fill me with inspiration.

Your love baffles, defies explanation, astounds.

Your love whispers, clues abounding in its mystery, yet always slightly shrouded in the quest for more of it.

Your love thrusts hearts into the hearts of others, again and again, multiplying, exponential.

Your love overflows with empathy for the dust of mankind.

Your love erases, wipes away shame and regrets.

Your love paints, broad strokes of mercy and fresh color. Newness.

Your love grows, a seed planted early, coddled.

Your love reaches into dark and desolate hearts with acceptance and refreshing, vast.

Your love erupts from a wellspring of unending flowing, a source.

Your love stretches beyond time to everlasting past and ever-expanding future.

Your love breaks walls built brick-by-brick of hardness.

Your love explodes into earth with grace-filled moments more plentiful than sand-on-shores, powerful.

Your love wraps me in and secures me tightly, an envelope.

Your love lifts the wounded into bright places beyond clouds of turmoil, like wings.

Your love is a perfume to the faithful, a stench to the bitter.

Your love is a foundation, solid, deep, entrenched, unmoving.

Your love fills the bitter cup that compelled you to the cross for me, bitterness.

Your love caresses the soul and spirit with peaceful acceptance, sweetness.

Your love pierces, evokes tearful regret and fresh hope.

Your love is big. Bigger. Biggest. Larger than life.

Your love is safety, a harbor, a place to run to when battles rage.

Your love is free, though it cost you dearly, it bears no price.

Your love is costly, paid in blood and upon that tree, nailed there, yet not held there.

Your love? Desperately indescribable.

indescribable love

by Leslie Rowe time to read: 2 min