Every once in a while I come across a band that knocks my socks off. You know the one … great music, incredible lyrics, and just all around good people.

Recently, I came in contact with a band that does more than just knock my socks off. They aren’t just a band that gets together to play music. They don’t even make music to simply glorify God. Instead, they are a band that has committed to changing the world. They believe in empowering communities of people to really BE THE CHANGE. Their music is just the medium with which they work!

Meet Starboarders. Just this week, they released their first full length album. And get this … 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the album goes towards providing clean water for those who have none. Partnering with Lifestraw, each album purchased will provide clean water for someone for a year. Talk about changing the world through music!

Take a look:


When I asked the band why they do what they do, this was their response:

We are all about the idea that we CAN change the world by doing little things over and over. We CAN move mountains, even if just one scoop of dirt at a time.

So spread the word … the more albums sold, the more people get clean water. Remember – they are giving ALL album proceeds away, so the more people spread the word, the better.

Go ahead … meet the band, buy the album, and change the world!

music + hope = water [#starboarders release]

by Crystal Rowe time to read: 1 min