poetry [compassion]: safety

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July 6, 2009

by Keith Wallis


hand_reaching_outA lifetime ago
traffic’s roaring battlefield held me
death row captive,
nowhere to hide,
no way to survive.
I turned my back to oblivion
awaiting the inevitable
stamp of death.
A moment ago
the future was a closed book
the past – another lifetime
about to be forgotten
just an imprint on the highway.
Then unsolicited hands reached down
with Samaritan soul
with Shepherd heart
with compassion.
I recognised, in His eyes,
another death row victim
on another highway of destruction
and the unsolicited hand
of grace
that surrounded me.


About the author:

keith-wallisKeith Wallis is an engineering designer with affectations of being a poet.  He’s a moderator at ChristianWriters.com and Keith’s blogs are :”Wordsculptures”:  http://wordsculptures-keith.blogspot.com/ and “Wordling”: http://wordbrief.blogspot.com/, his website is: http://wordsculptures.co.uk/


  1. emeraldgreen

    love the rhythm and flow of this poem. just beautiful

  2. emeraldgreen

    love the rhythm and flow of this poem. just beautiful


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poetry [compassion]: safety

by About Guest Blogger time to read: 1 min