poetry [justice]: pull-apart bread

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August 25, 2009

by Jeanne E. Loupe


breakbreadBefore I end, I must begin,
For I cannot go back, and I cannot relent!
It does nothing for me to lay low and to whine,
Or to pick up the pearls and feed them to swine.

No, I must equip and empower the poor,
So I push and I pull and I open the door,
To the weak and forgotten, the blind and the sick,
What is philanthropy if these I don’t pick!

In governing lives I cannot espouse,
Or advocate society apart from its spouse!
For society in general does not entail,
The fight of dear vengeance or its own assail,

For the town fires in justice, but the man spits in revenge,
Yet authority smothers what should be recompense.
And all in due time will unfairness reveal
The heart behind the blind leading the blind as it feels.

Yes, justice is driven by emotion and sense,
And if we were to step back and think in defense,
What would be our answer if love overcame!
The deception of hearts, oh what pity and shame!

But I cannot end before I begin,
I cannot go back! I cannot relent!
It does nothing for you to lay low and to whine,
So pick up the scraps and feed them to swine.


About the author:

jeanne-e-loupeJeanne E. Loupe is… LSU Student passionately in love with Jesus Christ. Sunrises over sunsets. Loves to read Amy Carmichael and C.S. Lewis. Can’t wait for eternity =0).

You can follow her on Twitter at @jeanneloupe.


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poetry [justice]: pull-apart bread

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