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Why are people being bought and sold for sex in our world? Not just today, in present times, but throughout the history of our world. This is something that I have recently begun thinking about.

Myself and a close friend, Avril, are in the process of starting an organization geared at rescuing victims of sex trafficking and providing them with the healing and care they’ll need to be set free from their bondage. The process has been slow throughout the beginning stages and we are working to have everything in proper order before we officially launch.

I’ve sat down at my computer multiple times with the intention of writing out manuals and materials we’ll use as we move forward. Manuals about how we are going to run the organization, how to find the victims, how to take them into our care, how to offer the healing they’ll need, and how to restore them back into a secure society. Every time I’ve sat down to write I’ve literally just sat at my desk and stared blankly into the abyss of my blank computer screen.

See I’m the kind of guy that likes to know very specific details of anything that I’m doing, I like to know the history of subjects. I feel if I know somethings history I’ll have a better understanding of what’s needed to progress forward. So when it comes to writing these manuals about how to save the life of a sexually exploited girl I don’t have the first clue on what to write.

My mind has tried to figure this out for the last few weeks. Through that process I began thinking why these innocent women are sold in the first place. Maybe if I learned the history of forced prostitution I’d have a better understanding of how to fight it today. I started asking some questions, questions like who thought it would be a good idea to sell another human life for any purpose under any circumstance? When did this begin? To think there are men and women in this world that abduct children every day and sell them to someone else for any reason is mind numbing and literally heart breaking.

When did someone wake up and say to themselves, “Today I’ll kidnap a teenage girl and sell her to someone else for money.”? And when did someone wake and say, “Today I’ll go pay to have sex with someone else, maybe an innocent child.”? How did this become normal in our world? We know these issues exist in America, but in other countries around the world these evil practices are not hidden as they are state side. They live and breathe in the open air for everyone to see.

I think the real issue here is the condition of the person’s heart. It’s the evil that infects a person’s heart and mind. Issues of the heart will only be fought through prayer. I can wake up tomorrow and build one hundred safe homes for victims to be healed and restored (which is necessary), but the day after that the demand will still be there. Everyday men and women will still wake up throughout this world and seek to cause harm to more innocent women and children. How do we stop that? I believe the answer is we pray.

Yes, we obviously need to rescue these victims and we need to help bring justice to the criminals, but tomorrow there will be more victims and more criminals. The way to completely remove these issues from the world is to deal with the individual’s heart and the only way we can do that is through prayer.

Join me in praying for the men and women that abduct these innocent children. In praying for the men and women that pay to have sex with these children, and to pray for the victims themselves. Pray that salvation, freedom, health, and justice will come into their lives and that they’ll come to know Jesus and be set free from their bondage to evil.

prayers for the criminals

by Anthony Tringale time to read: 3 min