what is the purpose of christianity?

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Written by Nikole Hahn

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June 11, 2012

church, group discussion, dominican republic, purpose, christianity

“What is the purpose of Christianity?” My friend’s eyes beamed as if he discovered the secret to Middle East peace.

Immediately, I pulled my mind from the dregs of work and studied his face and replayed his words. I wondered what he was getting at, and even thought, was I being questioned?  My friend has always brought many interesting conversations my way. He spends a lot of time in prayer and is one of the more active prayer warriors at our church.

It was an interesting conversation that day. Do most of us know the purpose of Christianity? There isn’t a wrong answer if one has studied the Bible. The definition of Christianity from dictionary.com says:

1. the Christian religion, including the Catholic, Protestant, and Eastern Orthodox churches.
2. Christian  beliefs or practices; Christian quality or character: Christianity mixed with pagan elements; the Christianity of Augustine’s thought.
3. a particular Christian  religious system: She followed fundamentalist Christianity.
4. the state of being a Christian.
5. Christendom.

At his urging, I sent an email to a variety of people from different backgrounds and these are the answers I received:

L.M. (a long time Senior Christian who is very involved in church and runs a Christian newsletter): To attain eternal life; to do the will of God and believe in the Words of God. What is the will of God? To preach the Gospel so others can be saved from sin and to to heaven. (she quotes John 3:16).

Ayomide Akinkugbe (Revolutionary. “I want to change the world. . . quietly but not sitting down.” www.ayomidestephens.blogspot.com and www.twitter.com/ayostephens ): There’s detour at the roadside before you get to my house right now. It’s caused by a wide chasm that divided a whole road into two.

Twenty-one people lost their lives and four cars fell on the night the road caved in, I heard in the news. Sometimes I see my life as a road, one whole road. At the end, I’m suppose to get to the end and what do I meet? All my success, hard work and travails, what is the purpose? We are made for something. We know it like we know our names. We are made for something beyond now and ourselves. We want to last beyond now and that explains the high purchase of Botox, cosmetic surgery and the grasping for the everything that is here we can’t even take beyond here.

When I find a man who claims to be God, comes to this earth and shows me how to walk the road without falling into the chasm, I must follow Him. He is my hope on a road where all I find at its end is a chasm. He is the hope of the world cause He is what the world really wants but can’t put in words. Maybe the purpose of Christianity is me? Maybe the purpose of Christianity is us; to bring us to the end of the road we are on; the end we always wanted and still wants (if you are reading this).

Duane Scott (a recently married man who scribes the journey): The purpose in my mind is similar to the purpose Christians have in life. 1. To save our souls. 2. To take as many with us. Anything outside of this is irrelevant. But oh! How we get distracted.

Malina Jones (a college student): As blunt as it may sound, the ultimate purpose of Christianity is life over death.

Giselle Aguiar (author of Deo Volente!): Nikki, I was contemplating your question and preparing to write an answer, but this daily devotional sums it up perfectly. The purpose of Christianity: So we don’t have to fear death. A few days ago “IfIDiedTomorrow” was trending on Twitter. I tweeted:

IfIDiedTomorrow – I know where I’m going! Do you? Are You Part of the Chosen? http://bit.ly/yVXbCI

My friend finally submitted his thinking behind the question:

One morning while I was reading my Bible and some devotional booklets, I asked the Lord to take control of my thoughts. This question came upon me suddenly while I was praying: What is the purpose of Christianity? The answer came just as suddenly like a lightening bolt. Any organization that you belong has a purpose; why not Christianity? So I wondered what kind of answers might I get if I ask this question (read Romans 15:6 and Matthew 5:16 NASB version).

So what are your answers? Have you taken it to the Lord? Have you found your purpose? And what if your purpose is not God’s purpose? Would you be willing to give up even a dream to follow Him? What is the purpose of Christianity?


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what is the purpose of christianity?

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