Don’t have a seminary degree? Awesome! Can’t quote a bunch of scripture? Ok.  Never said the sinners prayer with someone?  Fine, neither have I.  Converted 10 of your friends to Christianity? Wow.  BUT…

“The one question that matters to Jesus is: Have you loved people enough to minister to them?” Bob Roberts, Jr. in Real-Time Connections (Read Matt 25.34-40)

Chapter 1 in Real-Time Connections is about rethinking the Great Commission because many seem to have lost sight of this command to ALL CHRISTIANS.  If we are obeying this command then we should see everyday regular Christian people turning the world upside down from where they are.  The time is now.

“These who have turned the world upside down have come here also…” Acts 17:6

So, what’s the Great Commission again?


Bob says, “The Great Commission is not simply a call to recruit people in the Christian faith; it is a command to engage in discipleship in every domain of a society in such a way the nation is transformed…..It’s about transforming people in such a way that they cannot help but transform their families, their neighborhoods, their cities, and their countries.”

At Bob’s church in Texas they use this term called, “Kingdom In, Kingdom Out” in regards to discipleship:

Kingdom In: The way we talk about our personal relationship with God.

Kingdom Out: How we refer to our relationships with other people and our calling in the world. It’s all about my love for God overflowing from a grateful heart into the hearts and lives of other people, drawing them into the joy I have experienced through his grace.

“When ordinary believers in their different domains engage in discipleship – transformation and change will come.

Not because we have more preachers and churches.”


1. The Great Commission begins in Matthew.

Rethink it: The Great Commission begins in Genesis.

2. Preachers Are the Key to the Great Commission.

Rethink it: Disciples, ordinary followers of Jesus, are the key.

3. The Church is Where We Focus Our Efforts to Fulfill the Great Commission.

Rethink it: Society is where disciples should engage the world.

8 Domains of Society that Bob Roberts, Jr. likes to focus on:

1. Economics
2. Education
3. Health
4. Communication
5. Society
6. Science-technology
7. Agriculture
8. Governance

Are you currently working in any of these domains of society?  What are some doors God has been opening for you to turn the world upside down from where you are?  Please share!

4. Only Certain People or Groups Are Allowed to Participate in the Great Commission

Rethink it: The barriers that separate people come down in the church, starting with our witness to the world.

In his book, Bob asks, “If the gospel were to break loose in our world today, what are the divisions that would have to come down?”

I want to know what you think.

Learn more about Bob Roberts, Jr. and “Glocalization” at

(In addition to rethinking the Great Commission you may want to revisit the message of the gospel.  Tim Keller of Redeemer Church in NYC has a sermon that is very helpful and encouraging to me:



[real-time connections] chapter 1: rethinking the great commission

by Christina Meyer time to read: 3 min