by Karen Shumway

This is AMAZING! Serving the Lord has kicked up to a new level in SERVOLUTION!

aliveHow can we serve properly and wholeheartedly when we’re worn out? By grace, that’s how! If you truly have a heart to serve our Lord and Saviour you must lean on Him at times of exhaustion. Ask for His grace and mercy, He gives it freely! Is God poking your heart? Are you quitting too early, forgetting a lost neighbor? Too tired to think you can go on….. we should be saying, “Here I am Lord! Send me! Use me! Refresh me so I can keep doing your work!” So many lost….no need to look far, they’re right here, next to you, around you everywhere. And the enemy is fighting you for them!

Are you satisfied soldier??! Do you have it in you to keep going?  YES LORD! Thank you for supplying the weapons to serve in Your army, to empower us in Jesus’ name! OH, the joy that comes from serving is the food that sustains us in this battle! We must enjoy the ride oh brothers and sisters in Christ!

In this book we are reminded to take care of our vessel. Rest and refresh, apply balance in your life so as not to leave your family and church family out and ALWAYS CELEBRATE THE LORD AND THE WORKS YOU ALL HAVE BEEN PRIVELEDGED TO DO! Bless those in your life, edify and lift up all of those around you. No matter what, we are ALL His children. We must be as humble and gracious as children are. We cannot lose the joy God gives us that comes with salvation!

Who are you IN CHRIST? Listen beloved, can you hear the call? It’s constant, in our hearts every second. Just like it was in Jesus’ heart constantly. He got tired too. He looked to the Father for strength, just as we need to, daily. Do NOT let your”compassion” wear out!This is a battle to the end, my friends, we have much to do here for the Lord!



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About the contributor:

I just love serving the Lord. I thought I was serving the Lord but now I know (after this book hit me upside my spiritual neutral zone) that I am not doing enough! I want God’s FIRE for serving ignited in me, and now, it is! I am looking forward to a change in gears, and hopefully, this will be our new Sunday school training! I teach at my church on discipleship and we are going to discuss using this book for our next teaching series!

[servolution chapter 13] keep your serve alive: avoiding compassion fatigue

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