by Mike Kress

As I spoke to Dan about the task ahead of me, I asked “Is a thousand words ok?” I mean how can one go about sharing thoughts on a concept so exhilarating, with the potential to change the way that we live our lives and keep it under a thousand? This might require volumes!

First let me tell you that I am a blessed man. God has given me a wonderful family, a great job and a comfortable home. As I look through the lineup of bloggers and reviewers, I wonder what perspective I might offer. I love God, but don’t attend church regularly. I strive to do the right things in my life, but it doesn’t always work that way. I care about my fellow man, but as most, generally in passing.

ground-zero-crossFrom a distance.

Not always willing to get involved based on what was pressing me for time.

This book is a slap in the face. It’s a wakeup call. Its beauty lies in the simplicity of its message. Wherever, whatever. We are given opportunities every day to be ambassadors for Christ. We can honor God and work for his glory by selflessly serving our fellow man.


The book reminds us of the circumstances of 9/11. We all remember where we were. How we felt. I can vividly recall the pictures of the planes hitting the Tower. Most people ran for safety. Getting as far as possible from this tragic scene. Others ran to the site to help.

Which direction is God sending you?

We can all feel empathy. The compassion for others in need. But are we willing to run to the scene?

As I thought about my blog, I considered the pictures from 9/11. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but what is the value of an action? Reminds me of the old American Express commercials. We can say the most earnest of prayers for the safety and assistance of others (maybe even a thousand words…) or we can prepare ourselves to honor God and thank him for all he has blessed us with and launch ourselves, selflessly into the assistance of others (PRICELESS!) And while there may not be a national disaster, a flood, a terrorist attack, or a large scale event that is the moment of calling, we have to be prepared for anything and everything.

Chapter 3 shares the message of mobilizing people for a larger mission. It’s a message of preparation. When God knocks, will you have your bags packed and be ready to go?

Healing Place Church had become such a center of selfless work for Christ, that when a catastrophe like 9/11 took place, the community mobilized and the church became a magnet for people who wanted to run to the site. People who wanted their actions to reflect God’s grace and their sacrifice to serve for the glory of God. Being part of something bigger opens your heart.

Serving connects people to each other and ministers to our hearts. We connect to others and to our God. The message of the chapter was to be prepared on any scale. To fearlessly serve the Lord. As we serve, we come together as people, a community, a church. Locally, nationally or even globally, in the smallest of details or on the largest scale we are able to honor God by giving to those in need. Whenever, whatever.

Are you prepared?

Which way are you running? 


Get the book: Servolution: Starting a Church Revolution Through Serving

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mike-kress-and-familyMike Kress is an exceedingly blessed dude. By day, I’m a Training and Development professional for a Comcast. By night, I am the father of a couple of beautiful, talented and amazing boys, Isaias 10 and Jake 2, who inspire me daily. My wife is gorgeous and loves me for the goofball that I am.

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[servolution chapter 3] the culture of serving: an unexpected opportunity

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