book review: to america [personal reflections of an historian]

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Written by Mark Lafler

B.A., Global University; M.C.S., Regent College I am currently serving as a youth minister at our church in Sarasota, FL. I am married to Tera (15 Years +) and we have 3 beautiful daughters.

July 4, 2012

to america, american history, book reviewAs we celebrate the independence of the United States of America today with hotdogs, apple pie, fireworks, etc. it seems right to do a review on a book concerning American history.

Stephen E. Ambrose, the famed historian and author of Band of Brothers, wrote a fabulous book concerning his personal reflections as an American historian.  The book To America: Personal Reflections of an Historian was published in 2002 not long before Mr. Ambrose passed away.

The book chronicles Mr. Ambrose’s life and his interaction with American history.  He gives his honest opinion on different controversial subjects such as George Washington being a slave holder and the American involvement in the Vietnam War and the advancement of “Manifest Destiny.”  He also explains how his mind changed over time concerning other controversial issues such as dropping atomic bombs on Japan in World War II.

Mr. Ambrose deals with critical areas of our nation’s history, which are still relevant for us today such as racism, women’s rights, immigration.

Is the book a political book?  To a certain extent it is, but it does not have the diatribe of many popular political books on the market today.  I would suggest it is more of a history book, of which all history includes elements of politics.  It will challenge your thinking and assumptions concerning historical events; no matter which “side” you are on politically.

Whether you enjoy good biographies or history books you will enjoy this easy-going read from Stephen Ambrose.  You will learn about the important events in United States history.  You will learn how an academic historian writes history.  You will learn about who Stephen Ambrose was.  You will learn about the American people.

Moreover, you will be able to take the information in the book and filter it through your Christian world view, which will help you to communicate and live-out the gospel more affectively in the culture of the United States because you will have a better understanding about historical events that have shaped our culture.

I highly recommend the book.


  1. soulstops

    Thanks for the review; it sounds like a good read. Happy 4th of July to you and your family.

    • Mark Lafler

      Thank you. Happy 4th to you as well!


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book review: to america [personal reflections of an historian]

by Mark Lafler time to read: 2 min