It seems to me that nothing is inherently wrong with movies. Movies are a good medium to learn about history, literature, culture, science, etc.

However, the movie ratings system would suggest that some (or most) movies contain some form of objectionable content.

So begins the great debate – Is it OK for a Christian to see an R rated movie? Many Christians would probably suggest that it depends on what the rating is for.

For example, if it is a war movie, then violence and language may be overlooked. Or if it is a PG-13 romantic comedy then suggestive sexual scenes might be alright as long as there is no nudity. Of course every Christian knows that movies with human nudity are wrong, right? That is unless of course it is a documentary or a story about Adam and Eve.

Most (if not all) rating systems consider visual and audio content such as language, nudity, violence, drug use, intense scenes and the like. But are these the most dangerous areas for a Christian to entertain themselves with?

I, like many others, can watch a movie and clearly distinguish that sex outside of a marriage covenant is wrong or that murder is evil. Of course, if I continually entertain myself with this type of content my conscience may grow callous to the material.

However, it seems to me that there is something more disturbing in many popular movies today – even the so called “good” ones that have a G or PG rating.

Perhaps the most dangerous part of a movie is the subliminal message. No, not secret marketing schemes that the eye cannot pick up in the flickering lights. It is the hidden message. That is the portrayal of a world without God.

It seems to me that most movies show a world without God. When was the last movie (or TV show) you saw where God was present in the plot. Or when a Christian (the kind you know) was actually portrayed well, if at all? If God is active in the world where is he in the movies?

We have super heroes, people solving their problems, people finding peace, love, satisfaction, and even redemption without any acknowledgement that there is a higher power in this universe.

There are some movies – It’s A Wonderful Life, Joyeux Noel, Babette’s Feast, The Lord of the Rings, and others that at the very least hint of a Providential Being – but most movies, sit-coms, and TV dramas show a world without God.

This subliminal message, the portrayal of a world without God, is so easily overlooked. Yet, its impact may be catastrophic.

Why, when faced with problems in our life, difficult situations, and common disturbances do we turn to ourselves to fix the problem or look for help from a friend? As Christians our first inclination should be toward God in prayer.

Perhaps our infatuation to be entertained by the popular movie culture has a part in our apathy toward God. If we spend more time watching movies where God is not present than we do in God’s Word or in fellowship with other Christians, then what message will we most likely portray in our own life?

what’s wrong with movies?

by Mark Lafler time to read: 3 min