Sandra’s note: Susan Etole sees deeper than many I know. She’s uncapped her pen today to share just a few words with us about the power of scripture when we’re facing dragons.

Susan writes:

I’m apprehensive going into this procedure. Scared spitless would be a more truthful description but somehow it doesn’t seem appropriate to admit that. Apprehension seems acceptable, fear doesn’t.

Before my son retires to his room for the night, I ask him to read some scripture. He chooses Psalm 139. As the words begin to tumble through my heart the fear begins to ebb and peace begins to flow.

He knew me before I was formed; He knows my rising up and my sitting down; wherever I am, He is; He knows my anxious thoughts; He is with me.

Morning dawns, and as my son enters the room I greet him with the words, “Let’s go slay some dragons,” and he responds with “Be strong and courageous for I am with you.”

Together we head out into the freezing autumn air and stroll the 8 blocks to the Gonda Building.

All will be well.

View from the 14th floor of the Gonda Building, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

View from the 14th floor of the Gonda Building, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN


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What do you do when you’re scared spitless? 

what to do when you’re scared spitless

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