As a follow up to my last post (who attends your church?) we should also ask, “Who is coming to dinner?”

This question was asked to me.

Why do we talk only about the church service and the attendance of people with “alternate” lifestyles?

The church is made of people, not buildings and such, so as Christians (that is representing God in our world) do we fellowship with homosexuals, cross-dressers, pedophiles, and others?

Have you ever knowingly invited a person with an “alternative” lifestyle to dinner? Or to a small group?  Or to a family night at the church?  Or to your house for a Thanksgiving meal?

I, for one, have not.  But would I?

I guess I would, but clearly my actions suggest I would not since I have never shared a meal with a cross-dresser.


Well, I have children.

But I am their parent, role-model, and teacher.  Does a 2 hour dinner impact my children’s life greater than all the time I spend with them?  Most likely not.  However, it is a convient exuse.

Nevertheless, before I had children I did not have homosexuals or cross-dressers at my house to share a dinner with.

Would I have a person who I know committed murder over to my house to eat dinner?

Would I have a few college-age guys over to my house to eat? – Yes.

Even though the statistics show that almost every single one of them struggles with lust and very likely with porn.

Well, that is a hidden sin so it is easy to overlook, right?

However, if one of the college-age guys continues in their sinful perversion and finds themselves to be a cross-dresser one day – well then we have a different story.

They would no longer be allowed to attend “most” churches and no longer allowed to eat dinner at my house (apparently since I have never had a cross-dresser at my house).

Will they be shunned by the Christian community?

What if it took a year of attendance at a church or a few meals at a Christian’s home before their conversion to the Christian faith?  Would they be given that opportunity?

Yes, I know this is an inconvenient conversation… I am busy working in these “hard” economic times, raising a family, serving Christ.  Why am I confronted with these questions?

Because real life includes homosexuals, cross-dressers, and pedophiles.

Because I represent Christ to the world.

Because I am commishioned as a Christian to preach the gospel by word and deed.

Because I am responsible for my generation.

What do you think – Who is coming to your house for dinner?

who’s coming to dinner?

by Mark Lafler time to read: 2 min