During the month of April, the writers at Living the Story celebrate our ability to Rise and grasp the wonder of Christ as we walk out Eastertide. Today, Margaret Feinberg shares how we nurture awe and live wonderstruck in the every day.


[serialposts]In our modern culture, we aren’t really taught to nurture a sense of wonder.

Yet from the very beginning of Genesis, we get a glimpse creating endless surprises in the sky, sea, and land, all the way to the closing of Revelation where we see God seated on the throne with peels of lightening and thunder and creatures beyond description, we serve a God who is full of wonder. Indeed, our God is Wonderful.

Hebrews 12:28-29 says, “Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our “God is a consuming fire.”

Do you see it? Our worship of God, in part, is to be fueled by a sense of awe.

And so if we, who claim to be followers of Jesus, lovers of God, and aren’t experiencing any wonder of who God is in our lives, then maybe we need to ask some hard questions:

Where have I reduced God?

Where I have compartmentalized God?

Where I have told God—either aloud or in my attitudes and actions—you can have access to this part of my life but not that part?

Or worse, where have I said, God, I only want this much of you in my life. I don’t want the fullness of you are.

When we begin nurturing a desire for God’s wonder in our lives, when we begin praying for wonder, in essence, we’re saying, “God, I want all of you. Reveal all of who you are in every area of my life.”

Here are three activities to help nurture the wonder of God in your life and help you to live wonderstruck:

 1.  Glimpse the world through a child’s eyes. When was the last time you glimpsed world through someone under the age of 10? They’re naturally gifted at seeing everything from a different perspective—and not just because of their height. They notice details, colors, textures, and sounds that we often miss. Kids have an uncanny ability to find joy in the smallest discoveries, the simplest experiences. Spend time with a niece or nephew—if you don’t have kids. Offer to babysit for someone who could really use a night out. And instead of playing a video, make time to play and see the world through their eyes.

2. Explore of countless wonders of science. Science is laced with the wonders of God and can leave us breathless in the wake of its discoveries. Pick up a copy of The Beautiful Universe by Brian Greene to find yourself awestruck by string theory. Spend some time studying the inner workings of a beehive to be reminded of the brilliance of God. Research one animal or insect and get to know everything you can—you’ll be awed before you know it.

3. Spend an afternoon with a lifelong friend. You can buy just about anything online—but one of the things money will never be able to buy is a 10- or 20-year-old friendship. Carve out time to spend a few hours with someone who knew you way-back-when. The friend who still loved you when you had that haircut, went through that breakup, survived that crazy stage of life with you. Drink in the sweet warmth of knowing and being known and rekindle of the wonder of friendship in your life.

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arise to the wonder of God in your life

by Margaret Feinberg time to read: 3 min