[serialposts]I don’t read nearly enough fiction. There’s just something about good stories that stirs the heart and mind in ways that other reading can’t do. So to know a good storyteller is a true gift.

I recently had the opportunity to talk with one of those storytellers. Mary DeMuth is the author of the popular Defiance Texas Trilogy (Daisy Chain, A Slow Burn, and Life in Defiance), and the moving memoir Thin Places.

But it’s her latest novel The Muir House that we talked about.

In part one of this interview Mary tells us a bit about The Muir House, and I think it’s a story that many of us can connect with at some level. It’s a story about dealing with our past… the kind of past that haunts us. But I love how Mary continues to drive the theme of Christ and redemption through her stories.

Check out how she describes the book below, and watch The Muir House book trailer on YouTube. It sounds like an intriguing story…

[youtube mM7V77gNZwE nolink]

about the muir house [an interview with @marydemuth]

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