• dude…. i’m a little bummed that not all of my text messages are making it online… i’ll try to post more often and pray they get thru… #
  • Today’s team devotion: Matt. 13:44-46. Are you sold out to God? He’s sold out to you… #
  • Unreliable ‘public’ transportation means that a hard worker may not be able to get to where the work is. #
  • The groups are working on an exercise on ‘counting the costs’ of their businesses. #
  • Just completed a very enlightening finances and record keeping session in Kairi. #
  • It is amazing how little most of these people know about managing their money. #
  • Finished with our last classes now with the Thika Community Development Trust. #
  • Peterson has a great team that is doing a rock star job in fighting poverty. They will see MUCH fruit! #
  • We just drove across the equator! It’s good to be back in the northern hemisphere! #

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africa trip twitter feed for 2009-05-22

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