• we are currently on our weekend retreat at a game park near Mount Kenya (the second highest peak in Africa. #
  • I have never seen a night sky like I did last night. I never realized that there were SO many stars outside… #
  • I also watched a lioness stalk and chase some gazelles… what an amazing sight! #
  • The retreat this weekend is helping me to realize just how beautiful God’s creation really is… what an Amazing Creator He is! #
  • ‘You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.’ – God #
  • time to get to bed… getting up early tomorrow to head back to Nairobi… flying to Uganda for the next leg of our trip. #
  • the safari retreat was amazing! MANY pictures/videos to share when I get home! Samuel (my son) will love the videos of the chimps playing! #
  • thank you to everyone who has been praying! i’ve seen some of your comments and messages to me while here. #
  • God is doing some amazing work here, so please keep up the prayers as we head into Uganda for the next week… #

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africa trip twitter feed for 2009-05-23

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