070418_juris_abortionexMy church got a nice surprise recently. An old friend happened to be in the area, and we had the opportunity to have him come speak at our Saturday night service. Rob Schenck is a missionary that is supported by our church, and his mission field is with the federal government in Washington D.C.. The organization that he runs is called Faith and Action, and their offices are directly across the street from the United States Supreme Court.

Rob joined us as we are in the midst of a historic transition to a new White House Administration. And while much of the church is in disagreement over Barrack Obama, Rob’s message to us now is one that rings true. Rob shared a scriptural perspective on the new administration that every Christian needs to hear. We have posted this message in it’s entirety in our church’s group on Facebook, and I would like to share the videos with you here. Rob first shares a little bit about himself and his mission in our nation’s capital. Rob then shares the Word of God as it relates to America’s New Challenge

America’s New Challenge, Part 1 (18:18)


America’s New Challenge, Part 2 (19:29)


Please join me as I and many others pray for our nation and it’s leaders. May God continue to bless America!

america's new challenge

by Dan King time to read: 1 min