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write on dear writers… write on!

Write on dear writers…  Write on! I don’t know how many times I have sat here staring at the computer and wondering why in the world I am doing this. Why am I writing? Who in the world is even reading this stuff? It’s easy to get caught up in the lack of comments and feedback on posts. There are days when a post lights up like a wildfire with comments and then others when your readership is silent. As a writer you wonder… Was it well written? Did I miss the mark on this one? Is this leaving...

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winter reflections on bird feeders and the church…

We have this beautiful bird feeder which is three-quarters full of bird seed. Sounds great right? But there are barely any birds alighting on it these days. If they do they leave in a flurry of frustration with tiny empty stomachs. This is especially rough in these cold months when precious morsels of food are hard to come by. So why is this bountiful bird feeder still full? These lovely little feathered friends can hungrily clear its contents in only two days, but I have been busy this past month. I only just noticed this bird feeder has sat...

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in the searching i discover i am found.

Lord, I live in pursuit of a little one. One who is pulled at and torn by the world. Selfish motives driven by insecurities and hidden shame stretch out their arms to hide him away. Ripped back and forth, they play this precious child like a pawn. No loving arms to hold in love unconditional and no hope for peace in a consistent home. My heart aches, breaks and bleeds. I pursue this little one everywhere. They dangle this wee one out there, saying they cannot handle having a child right now. We show up ready. They hide this...

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ephesians 5:21-33: wives and husbands

You are reading the Ephesians Project. Read more from this series of articles. introduction to paul’s letter to the ephesians ephesians 1:1-14: greeting and spiritual blessings in Christ ephesians 1:15-23: thanksgiving and prayer ephesians 2:1-10: by grace through faith ephesians 2:11-22: one in Christ ephesians 3:1-13: the mystery of the Gospel revealed ephesians 3:14-21: prayer for spiritual strength ephesians 4:1-16: unity in the body of Christ ephesians 4:17-32: the new life ephesians 5:1-20: walk in love ephesians 5:21-33: wives and husbands ephesians 6:5-9: bondservants and masters ephesians 6:10-20: the whole armor of God Submit to one another out of reverence for...

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the case of the missing “Christmas gimmies”

“What do you all want for Christmas?” I stammered…I found my mind racing for an answer. This should be simple right? Who doesn’t have a Christmas list yet? “Ummm… Uh… the girls might like some clothes?”  Well that was weak. Eventually I sputtered out a few more items for my shopper savvy mother-in-law who was going to embark and conquer the Black Friday sales. I had to race around the home finding my kids to ask them. Surprisingly they too, were not quick to answer. (With the exception of my boy who has had his eye on a video...

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