i am found

Lord, I live in pursuit of a little one.

One who is pulled at and torn by the world.

Selfish motives driven by insecurities and hidden shame stretch out their arms to hide him away.

Ripped back and forth, they play this precious child like a pawn.

No loving arms to hold in love unconditional and no hope for peace in a consistent home.

My heart aches, breaks and bleeds.

I pursue this little one everywhere.

They dangle this wee one out there, saying they cannot handle having a child right now.

We show up ready.

They hide this little soul away.

I search.

I call after.

I plead.

I pray for.

I call some more.

I do this, oh but why do I do this?

I almost plead with You, Lord to take this desire in my heart away, but You won’t…

You placed it there.

I want more for this child.

I yearn.

I am driven to give this sweet innocent one the best possible life.

A family who loves him.

A place where he can grow, thrive, learn, and be safe.

And then one day as my heart is breaking and tears are falling yet again for this precious little one,

I realize that You, Lord…

You do all this and more,

for me.

unfinished stories

in the searching i discover i am found.

by HeatherWindeler time to read: 1 min