bible interpretation: canon essays

Written by Dan King

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February 5, 2009

A while ago I offered the opportunity to take a Bible Interpretation class online (for audit) that I am teaching with Sarasota Bible College. In this class the students are tasked with writing a series of short essays on various topics starting with a couple on the topic of the Biblical canon.

books-oldIn case you are not familiar with this terminology, what I mean by canon is the standard or rule that writings are measured against for inclusion in what we refer to as the inspired Word of God (commonly known as “the Bible”). In order to be included in the Bible, writings had to live up to some pretty strict standards. And needless to say, there has always been some controversy over what should and should not be included.

The class had the opportunity to explore some of the topics that we discussed, and here are some of their essays…

Non-Canonical Old Testament Writings (Apocrypha)

Non-Canonical New Testament Writings

The Dead Sea Scrolls

Please visit the blogs where some of the students are sharing their essays, and feel free to comment on their ideas. I am hoping that many of you will join in these conversations so that the students can continue to sharpen their ideas around these topics.

Next up will be a series of essays that discuss the value (or lack thereof) of some of the modern English translations of the Bible, and then in the coming weeks we will be sharing some actual Scriptural studies and interpretation. So please stay tuned for more!

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bible interpretation: canon essays

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