When’s the last time you’ve been truly desperate for something? A love returned, a paycheck to provide food for your family, or maybe for God to return a wayward child?

You can hardly breathe due to the tension wrapping its gnarly fingers around you. You find yourself jumpy, nervous, and a new warrior in the army of worry fighters. But you can’t let others know about your internal struggle! You have people counting on you. You’ve got to be strong, determined, and Webster’s definition of confident.

Most of us would agree that desperation is not a lovely place to be. We spend our lives avoiding pits of desperation, and if we find ourselves caught in one, we exude every ounce of energy possible to crawl out of it—inch by dirty, muddy inch. We’re self-sufficient, American-dream chasers, after all.

We’ve talked before about God being backwards—often operating very contrary to how we think life should be. It shouldn’t surprise us, then, to learn that He likes desperate people. He actually wants us to be desperate…

For Him.

Scripture is filled to the brim with people finding themselves in absolute desperation. Joseph in his years of slavery and a victim of betrayal; David, when hunted by Saul for years on end; and even Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, praying fervently to not go to the cross.

Desperation dog-ears Scripture in almost (if not every) book. The story of our lives would find similar dog-eared moments of desperation in every chapter. Shout out for Scripture’s relevancy, huh?

The crazy part in all of this is God seems to enjoy it. He actually takes pleasure in us reaching the end of ourselves, because it’s then we finally start reaching to Him.

It’s easy to trust God and have faith when things are going splendidly. When life is all daisies and roses (at least mostly), we dub our faith Goliath size and call it a day. But desperate times call for sincere reevaluations of our faith.

Are we really living our true posture—desperate for God for everything, even things we take for granted daily? See, we are desperate for God whether we realize it or not. We depend on God for our every breath, our every heart beat. But too often we think we’re depending on ourselves for those things. Then, when life turns tumultuous, we realize just how not in control we are. Then and only then do we find ourselves in desperate abandon for God and His favor in our current situation.

Unfortunately, we usually return to the cycle of faux self sufficiency within a day or two.

But what if we lived lives of dependence on God? What if we began craving dependence on Him and learned to savor it? Our faith would be stronger, would it not? We’d relinquish control and align our agendas with God’s far more often—which always proves to be the best course of action.

So let’s do it! Let’s be desperate people, aware of our desperation on God. Let’s get out of the way and let Him be the hero in our stories.  Let’s unleash His glory by owning up to our insufficiency and letting His sufficiency reign.

craving desperation

by Mindi Jo Furby time to read: 3 min