I get into my car and drive to work. During the short commute that starts each day I’m blasted with dozens of signs and messages telling me what to do or think. Eventually they all simply become noise, blending in with each other so that not a single one is noticeable anymore.

Why does creativity matter?

Because with over 150 million blogs in the world it’s become too easy to blend in with the rest of the noise.

And I believe that God has called us to be better than that… to stand out from the noise. Christians should look and act different from the rest of the world.

Different… isn’t that one of the bigger characteristics of something we view as being creative?

As beings who have been created by the Most Creative Being in the Universe, we have everything we need to be creative. And groups like the Creative Collective are helping people recognize and bring out the inherent creativity built deep within each of us.

The group’s first e-book is Creative Matters. It’s a collection of essays from creatives brought together as a sort of manifesto for creativity. And our own group of creatives will be discussing this e-book here over the next couple of weeks.

  1. Created to Create with Leslie Rowe (@lesrowe)
  2. Bring On the Blank Canvas with Jeff Goins (@jeffgoins)
  3. Getting to Work with Claire Burge (@claireburge)
  4. Resisting Resistance with L.L. Barkat (@llbarkat)
  5. Further Thoughts from the Front Lines with Mandy Thompson (@mandythompson)

And I’m going to break the rules for a moment, and I’m going to copy and paste one statement from the introduction of the e-book. It’s a statement that I pray sets the tone for this series, and for everything else we do here.

We reject Copy and Paste.
We reject settling.
We reject excuses.
We reject creative atrophy.

You were created for more.
You were created to create.
You matter.
Your work matters.

Creative Matters.

How can we (as Christians) show how different we are? How can we inspire people to discovering Truth? How can we be the answer to the brokenness of the world today? How can we accurately represent the image of the One Who Created us?

creative matters [an ebook by @createcoll]

by Dan King time to read: 2 min