dan king is a real dude [we are real guest post from cheryl smith]

Written by Cheryl Smith

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July 27, 2010

I should have known that anyone who names his blog “BibleDude” (and has a twitter handle by the same name) would be a fun guy with a heart for God. It didn’t take me long to realize this truth.

Dan and I first began interacting at the beginning of the year, as colleagues at High Calling Blogs. He’s the Social Media Editor and I’m the Welcome Editor. One of my early duties was to send Dan the twitter names of our HCB member bloggers, so he could add them to the HCB Twitter list. Those brief email exchanges were often good-natured, with some occasional banter.

Thankfully, within the last couple of months, that process was automated. I say thankfully, not because I didn’t want to communicate as frequently with Dan, but because it was a tedious part of the welcome process. In fact, I actually found that I missed harassing Dan with some regularity.

Then a couple of months ago, Dan brought a 31 day blog project to the HCB network. I was really intrigued, but the timing didn’t work for me to participate. I lived vicariously through several of the posts – LL’s in particular, probably because I liked her snarky style, but that’s another story.

Upon completion of the project, I was VERY impressed by Dan’s ability to initiate, manage and promote a project of this magnitude.

So when he started talking about the sex project, I was interested. You see, for years now, God has been leading me to tell my story. It’s a story of His faithfulness and redemptive work in my life. I agreed to participate.

But it’s scary to put your stuff out there.

Here’s a quick recap of my email to Dan:

“…God is leading – to expose the lies of the enemy and set the captives free. Scary stuff. And exciting…

Suddenly feeling the need to be in prayer against the enemy for all who are taking part in this project. I have a strong sense that spiritual warfare could be huge.

Thank you Dan. Truly.”

His response was really encouraging:

“I hear ya…
Please know that I’m spending some time on my knees for all of you who are contributing to this project right now. I definitely agree that this is gonna stir the pot a bit. I’m praying that each of the contributors (including you) have a clear mind, and ears to hear what the Lord would have you share. I’m praying for a protection over your households and that you experience a peace that allows you to do what’s needed to ‘expose the lies of the enemy and set the captives free.’


The next day I sent him a quick email. The subject line read, “Close to hitting publish” and the body simply said, “and throwing up.”

But I did it. (without barfing.) And God used Dan King in a big way. And that was only week one of the project.

In preparation for the We Are Real project and guest posts, Dan and I talked on the phone last week. I heard a little more about his heart for God and sensed a high calling on his life.

This fall, most of the HCB staff will meet at Laity Lodge for a retreat. I’m looking forward to meeting Dan and our other colleagues who have become “friends” through the power of the Internet.

As I type these last words, that lump in my throat is back. It’s the one that tells me God is at work. I know in my heart He’s at work in Dan’s life. And I’m thankful to be included in the journey.

We Are Real. Yes!

Note from Dan: Check out my guest post at Cheryl’s site!


  1. cherylsmith

    Dan, thanks so much for initiating the guest posts. You continue to challenge me, and God is using you in big ways – around the world. The Kingdom of heaven is near you my friend.

  2. cherylsmith

    Thanks Sam, what a cool thing to hear. 🙂

  3. Sam Van Eman

    Some people post just to post. But I hear your heart in this, Cheryl.

  4. Ann Kroeker

    Wonderful words here, Cheryl–I love how real, urgent and needed your prayers were/are for each other while preparing for the difficult and powerful posts you wrote. This is indeed real…and important. I'm really glad you chose to swap posts so we could see the back story.

  5. Ann Kroeker

    Dan, thanks. Thanks for being part of our team, praying, leading, serving and blessing us all.

  6. cherylsmith

    Thanks Ann. I've been so encouraged to continue, thanks to you and others in the HCB community.

  7. @bibledude

    I'm glad to be a (small) part of the work that God is doing in our world today. It's an honor to serve with so many great people that I can see God doing amazing things in! Thanks for doing this post, and sharing about how online connections can become real relationships and community!

  8. @bibledude

    I'm thinking about commenting just to comment. 😉

  9. @bibledude

    Thanks Ann! That's what it's all about! I'm glad to have the opportunity to serve along with you!

  10. Jennifer@GDWJ

    This is real, right here:

    “Please know that I’m spending some time on my knees for all of you …”

    What a beautiful picture of REAL. And Cheryl? I want to commend you again for your bravery and REALNESS in your post for Dan's project.

    God bless you both.

  11. HisFireFly

    Okay.. so I don't have a lump in my throat.. just many tears in my eyes. Yes indeed God IS at work here!

  12. @bibledude

    I believe that prayer for one another is one of the cornerstones of authentic relationships. I'm just glad to have the opportunity to be able to pray for people like that. Cheryl needed it while searching for the strength to do something really brave. My praying is minor compared to what she did…

    THAT was cool… and wonderful… and beautiful! So I totally join you in applauding Cheryl for what she's done!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  13. @bibledude

    AMEN! Well… not about the tears, but about God being at work here! I'm happy to be anywhere that He's working…


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dan king is a real dude [we are real guest post from cheryl smith]

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