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Written by Dan King

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July 29, 2010

Authentic conversation about sex is one of the most needed elements in a healthy church today. The fact that people feel like they can’t talk about certain struggles or issues only perpetuates the problem into bigger issues.

I’m thankful that Charles Lee has given me the opportunity lead a blogging series on subjects related to sex and sexuality. The posts that people are contributing to this series are disturbing, heartbreaking, inspiring, and challenging. The full series can be caught on The Idea Camp blog, but I’m posting quite a bit here on bibledude.net as well.

These posts are the ones that I’ve been responsible for sharing…


Pornography, Week of July 11th

It’s a big business, probably because of it’s addictive nature. It can damage relationships in so many ways, and many would consider it a form of cheating (infidelity). This discussion will focus on the physical, emotion, and spiritual damage that can result from a porn addiction, and how healing and restoration can be ministered to those stuck in it.

Sexual Abuse, Week of July 25th

It usually leaves invisible scars that never go away. And it can be root of other issues not only sexually, but relationally. This discussion will focus on not only the damage that is caused by sex abuse, but with special consideration of how to help those hurt by it with immediate and long-term healing.

Gender, Week of August 8th

What does it mean to be a man? Or a woman? Society today would give a large variety of definitions and events that it takes to ‘become a man/woman’. This discussion will focus on defining gender identity and roles, but can also cover factors that may prompt confusion about what it means to be a certain gender.

Sexual Orientation, Week of August 22nd

Same-sex attraction is likely one of the most controversial issues that the church deals with today. Is it okay to be gay/lesbian and be a Christian? More importantly how should the church respond to people who live with same-sex attraction? This discussion will focus on reconciliation… with the Word AND with people. This is a good opportunity to build a bridge to those who have been alienated by the church for a very long time.

Slavery, Week of September 5th

This is the ‘social justice’ side of the sex discussion. Many are sold into sex slavery every day all around the world. But what can/should the church be doing about it? Do we have a responsibility to protect those who are affected by this? This conversation will focus on building awareness for this tragic issue, but also further practical solutions that people can take to bring an end to it.

Family, Week of September 19th

This is where it all starts. All of the discussions up until now end up pointing back to the family in some way. What should a loving relationship in a marriage look like? Where does sex fit in? What’s healthy? What about the kids? When/how do they learn about sex? This conversation will not only focus on what a healthy marriage looks like, but what healthy discussion about sex in a family sounds like.


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#ICSEX: [@theideacamp blogging series]

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