[dillon burroughs] on gradual evangelism

Written by Dan King

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January 18, 2010

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the idea of evangelism? If so, there is a very good explanation for that. The tendency of the American Christian is to believe that the natural response to salvation is to go get everyone else saved as well. We often get the ‘Billy Graham syndrome’ and think that we are responsible for converting everyone that we know to Christianity.

But what happens when your first few attempts at sharing the Gospel with others fail? You get discouraged and give up.

The Biblical model for evangelism speaks of those who sow and those who harvest. You wouldn’t expect a farmer to sow seeds and reap the harvest at the same time, so why do we expect our evangelism efforts to be any different? In this portion of our conversation with Dillon Burroughs we talk about what it means to represent Christ well, and how that is what leads us into effective evangelism… gradually.


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[dillon burroughs] on gradual evangelism

by Dan King time to read: 1 min