easy ways to give from jennifer peterson

Written by Amy L. Sullivan

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October 24, 2013


Jennifer Peterson has been writing her heart out for the last month (23 days to be exact) on ways to brighten someone’s day. Why don’t you take a peek at all the love she is spreading through her series? Here are a few of my favorite ideas from  Jennifer.

Bring someone soup.

But look for someone who is quietly in need.

Maybe there is a mom at dance who has little kids and a traveling husband.

Maybe there is a single dad you see take his kids to gymnastics class at night and you know he works all day.

Maybe there is a neighbor who is all alone and misses her family.

Need a recipe? Try this family favorite.

Mema's Chicken Noodle Soup


Leave a favorite book at a local coffee shop

Leave a note inside. Don’t know what to say? Pray that God gives you the words. We never know how God is going to use a devotional to touch someones life. Don’t want to leave it at a coffee shop, pray that God puts on your heart someone to give one to. This could be a start of a beautiful friendship.


Leave a heartfelt comment on a blog post 

Blogger’s, authors, writers and wordsmiths know what it feels like to pound out our feelings on the keyboard, and stay up late after everyone is in bed. Sometimes the words are easy and free. They pour out like water gushing and other times,it feels like hours of torture, trying to get what is in our hearts out into a sentence. After all this staying up, writing, bleeding and pouring out. We hit the publish button.

Hitting that publish button feels like, turning in an essay, to be graded. Our hearts start to pound a little. We question that one sentence. We go back and edit one more time. We keep ourselves busy and pretend we don’t care if anyone read our posts, or we go to bed, and think.

We judge our paper on comments and how many hits we get or how many shares we got or we didn’t get. Even though we know these are lies, we all know how this feels.

We all know how lonely writing can be. Today, let’s find a blogger that we don’t know.

Let’s extend a hand, a hug and introduce ourselves.

For more ways to brighten someone’s day, make sure to hop over to Jennifer’s and catch up on her whole series.


  1. Positively Alene

    Beautiful! Thanks for the simple steps we can all take to brighten someone else’s day. I think sometimes we just need a little remember to look up and see others. Thanks friend.

  2. Lisa Van Engen

    Something small can make such a huge difference. Thanks Amy and Jennifer!


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easy ways to give from jennifer peterson

by Amy L. Sullivan time to read: 2 min