Author: Amy L. Sullivan

easy ways to give from jennifer peterson

Jennifer Peterson has been writing her heart out for the last month (23 days to be exact) on ways to brighten someone’s day. Why don’t you take a peek at all the love she is spreading through her series? Here are a few of my favorite ideas from  Jennifer. Bring someone soup. But look for someone who is quietly in need. Maybe there is a mom at dance who has little kids and a traveling husband. Maybe there is a single dad you see take his kids to gymnastics class at night and you know he works all day....

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serving at home: when scraping dirty dishes doesn’t feel like service

I wake up early to clean the kitchen. I’m not a neat freak, but I wake up early to clean the kitchen because although I try to be fine with dirty dinner dishes sitting in the sink all night, I’m not fine with dirty dinner dishes sitting in the sink all day while I work. It’s dark, and like you, my day is full, and I’m standing in the kitchen scraping dishes. I’m not going to lie, this doesn’t feel anything like service. Instead, it feels like doing a chore no one wants to do and no one notices...

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#hashtaglove and #servingothers

Is there value in hashtags? Twitter. Some see it as a constant stream of meaningless chatter. I see it as the Cliffs Notes version of what I really want to know. Some say it’s another useless form of social media. I say it’s the place where cool kids go to avoid Facebook. Follow some Twitter feeds and you will get pictures of enchiladas, but follow others and you will peek at social philanthropy in action, and  you will discover new voices and creative ways to embrace what you already love. Since hashtags are viewed by everyone on Twitter, search for your...

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the invisible girls by sarah thebarge: you will eat it up, promise

  At twenty-seven, Sarah Thebarge was diagnosed with breast cancer. She went through multiple surgeries, painful treatments, and long hospital stays. An important relationship ended, her church family bailed, a friend died of cancer, and her world fell apart. Desperate, Sarah sold her furniture, packed one suitcase of clothing, and flew to Portland, Oregon. Life had left her bald and bruised. It was during this time, Sarah met a Somalian mother and her five daughters on a train, and Sarah started showing up in the lives of this family of six. Showing up turned into a friendship, which turned into...

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that’s so chocolate: don’t debate your impact

Dylan Siegal’s best friend, Jonah, has a rare liver condition, GSD Type 1B.  To help his best friend, Dylan decided to write a book called Chocolate Bar and donate the proceeds to help researchers find a cure for his best friend’s liver condition. Cute idea, right? Maybe a few school friends and family members would take interest in Dylan’s words and help support his sales, right? Four hundred thousand dollars later (yes, you’ve read that right), Chocolate Bar and Dylan’s small idea holds a big impact. Dylan has been featured on ABC News, NBC Nightly News, Good Morning America,...

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crowdfunding: what’s it all about?

  The word crowdfunding has been popping up all over, but do you know what it means? Crowdfunding describes a way people come together (most of the time online), and pool their money to support a predetermined goal or cause. Money raised from crowdfunding can be used in a variety of ways. To rally around someone in need of support. Do you remember the 68 year-old bus monitor who was bullied by 7th graders? When the video of the bullying went viral, an account was set up with Indiegogo to help send the bus monitor, Karen, on a much...

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serving others: lifestyle vs. hobby

What are my hobbies? Easy. Reading. Hiking. Bustling adventures in the city. Think getting lost on the subway. Quiet weekends in the mountains. Think getting lost in the silence. Listening to new music in new places. Laughing with old friends about old times. Oh, and serving (see how I tacked that one on the end like that?). Serving made my hobby list and that’s good (sort of) because that means serving others is a part of my life (you know, like a hobby is a part of my life). See, scuba diving when you go on vacation is a hobby,...

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