exposing insecurity


Written by Mindi Jo Furby

I grew up in the Superficial Capital of the World (Southern California) where image drives everything — even some churches and faith. The mirage looked great from a distance, but the closer I got the further I wanted to run… And I did. But God has this funny attribute called love; and only He can bring us back to a place we’ve never been! He led me through a door (which ended up including a degree in Biblical Studies and a Masters in Religion) that re-introduced me to Scripture and a real life with Him. Now, I’m thrilled to offer you the keys to that same door through my writing, speaking, and teaching—no mirages, hypocrisy, or superficiality. Guaranteed. Let’s shatter our categories and preconceptions about God and His Word. Though it may get bumpy at times, I promise you this: the closer you get the closer you’ll want to be.

May 29, 2013


God calls us to do something. We mess it up. God gives us opportunities. We let them pass us by. God puts us in positions to bless others. We hurt them instead.

It’s the story of our lives; it’s the story of humanity.

God gives, we tarnish the gift. We repent, He redeems, and the cycle starts again.

Why can’t we break free? Why is everything we do—even in His name and for His glory—tainted by our sin, failures and shortcomings?

Sweet moments of earthly victory never last. Nothing we do is perfect and we’re always “brought back to earth” after blissful moments of intimate connectedness with God. Disappointment looms around the corner, and the first thing it haunts is our minds. No wonder we’re insecure.

My purpose statement is to LEARN, BURN, and SPUR with HUNGRY HUMILITY all the days of my life. Learn as much as I can about God, His plan, and where we fit into it. Be on fire for Him to such an extent that people come if only to watch me burn. Spur others on and be spurred by others toward holiness and sanctification in my discipleship. And remain hungry for humility every step of the way.

I have no pretenses of perfection, and know all too well that pride is my vice. Like Moses who hit the rock after being told to speak to it, I far too often attempt my own path toward a destination He’s revealed. (Shocking when things don’t turn out right.)

Yet even as pride clamors for my heart, moments of sweet peace with my Savior grace me with their presence. But they rarely escape the insecurity that looms within my mind.

God works through us powerfully in ways that leave us astounded. He’s chosen to work this way—using us as living, breathing agents of His plan of redemption. I personally think He’s crazy for choosing this route, but maybe that’s part of why He’s so exhilarating.

Regardless of why, we’re in the game when we accept Him as Lord. But far too often we find ourselves struggling in fierce bouts of insecurity like Elijah did when he ran from Mount Carmel. It’s a story I’ve related too my whole life—Elijah experiences the epiphany of a mountain top experience with God only to find himself running for his life just hours later.

He lost his security.

Actually, he didn’t lose it. Not completely. He misplaced it. He moved his eyes away from God which left them focused on the faulty brokenness of his own heart and abilities. It only takes one second of moving our eyes of Jesus to lose everything we just experienced with Him—security included.

Genuine security rests solely in the hands of Jesus, and we receive it only when we place ourselves in His hands. We’ll always be insecure when we depend on ourselves. That’s because we’re not perfect and we’ll never be perfect this side of heaven. Sin constantly invades and oppresses us, trying to keep our eyes off Jesus—the One Who’s working through us.

But when we find our security in Jesus and keep it originating in Him, we’re free. Sure, we’ll have failures and shortcomings. But they hold a miniscule amount of weight in all things eternal because Jesus 1) forgave them at Calvary and 2) is big enough to use them for His glory.

It’s about His name, not ours.

Jesus isn’t glorified when we wallow in self-pity and insecurity. Spiritual temper tantrums are about us, not Him. He died to help us see that it’s about Him—it’s always been about Him—not us.

Get your eyes off yourself and thank Him for your failures. It’s through them He shines all the brighter and works so people come to know Him. Our name and reputation is irrelevant apart from Jesus. But if we’re living for Him, our names and reputations will scream Jesus.

That’s genuine security. The weight of eternal glory rests on His shoulders, not ours.

So get your eyes on Jesus and readjust the lens of your heart to match His Word! Live out the freedom He’s extending to you and rest in the security of your Heavenly Father’s matchless love. Be most concerned about His name, not your own.


  1. SimplyDarlene

    Strife usually follows close on the heels of pride – at least for those who recognize Christ is the only perfect One. So why oh why do Believers get stuck right at this crossroad? Seems like that is the very place where we’d recognize who we are in Him and be truly free.

    Thanks for this piece today, miss Mindy. It’s good to meet you.



  2. Diane Bailey

    Many of us run from Religion, but our heart we can never out run God. Great Post!


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exposing insecurity

by Mindi Jo Furby time to read: 4 min