Perspective. When studying the Bible this is probably one of the most important things that the reader should consider.

scouting-the-divineAnd that’s what Margaret Feinberg offers in her latest book, scouting the divine: my search for God in wine, wool, and wild honey. In this book, Feinberg seeks to better understand the message of the Bible though conversation from people who can best relate to the stories. Check out this overview of the book from the back cover…

A Bible full of ancient truths. A woman living a modern life. Join the critically acclaimed author Margaret Feinberg as she invites readers on the spiritual adventure of a lifetime. In her quest to better understand what God wants to communicate through the Bible, Feinberg explores the symbols and metaphors within its stories. To discover these deeper meanings, she spends time with a shepherdess in Oregon, walks the fields with a farmer in Nebraska, explores a vineyard of California, and talks with a veteran beekeeper in Colorado. Along the way, she gains deeper insight about how Scripture applies to life today and discovers answers to puzzling questions. Do sheep really know their shepherd’s voice? How often does a grapevine need to be pruned? What does it mean when a land is described as overflowing with honey?

What can be more exciting that this book? How about a rock-star crew leading us through this book as we seek to generate some discussion about Feinberg’s discoveries? Over the next few weeks one person from this project will lead us through each part of the book sharing their thoughts, perspectives, and feelings.

The schedule along with who will be sharing is as follows:

  1. the good shepherd – Don F Perkins, @donfperkins (Shizuka Mura)
  2. the harvest – Laura Chase, @laurachasevoice (Life 89.1 FM)
  3. the land of milk and honey – Karen Spears Zacharias, @karenzach (Karen Spears Zacharias)
  4. the vine – Sean Wrench, @forsakengen (Forsaken Generation)

So stay tuned for some great discussion, and please feel free to jump into the comments and share your thoughts! In the meantime, here are a few things that you can do right now…

  • Buy the book. It will be a much better experience for you if you follow along in your own copy of the book.
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group blogging project: scouting the divine

by Dan King time to read: 2 min