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Traps line the way in serving others, and even the well-meaning, may lose their footing. As you look for ways to serve, I urge you to avoid these nasty distractions.

The gold star trap. Growing a servant’s attitude doesn’t earn you extra gold stars. God instructs us to serve others, but it doesn’t matter if you house foster children, visit a slew of elderly people, or give your needy friend extra attention. God doesn’t tally good deeds on a giant chalkboard in the sky, and neither should you.

The solution: Put down the chalk.

The comparison trap. At one time or another, we all use the dreaded Who Does More? scale in our homes. You make dinner and grocery shop. Your husband should organize the garage. If he doesn’t, the scale tips too much in your direction, and bitterness creeps in. Unintentionally, the scale also finds its way in service too.

The solution: Quit trying to weigh deeds.

The filling  your calendar trap. Many of the obligations on our calendar aren’t bad. No, in fact, items are often put on the calendar with good intentions. Teaching Sunday School? Good. Volunteering in your daughter’s classroom? Great. Filling in as a coach for your son’s basketball team? Fantastic.

But too many “good” committments in one week? No way! Too many obligations plus you stretched thin equals serious frustration and little joy.

The solution: Don’t automatically commit to anything, even if it is in the name of service.

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3 traps which line the way to growing giving hearts

by Amy L. Sullivan time to read: 1 min