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dan-and-sonNote: This is an excerpt of the featured Faith post (written by yours truly!) at HighCallingBlogs.com.

Kelly said, “I don’t doubt that He *can* do something about anything, but to be honest, that thought no longer moves me to prayer. The question for me has become, ‘*Will* He do something about what matters to me?'”

Kelly shared this thought in a comment in my last post, She Stepped Forward. It is a question that I am ALL too familiar with, and I think that many of us may struggle with (or have struggled with at one time). There was a time on in my life when I asked this tough question, even to the point of questioning God’s very existence.

After stuggling through fertility treatments for over a year, my wife and I were finally blessed with a wonderful son. I think that having to try so hard for so long made us extremely grateful to have him on our lives. Then something happened that completely turned our world upside-down…

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