africa kitchenI was on a community prayer walk recently, and I noticed something funny. Not “ha ha” funny, but the kind of funny that really makes you think. What I noticed was a bunch of individuals walking down the street. Even though there were lots of people walking around, there were very few people who acknowledged that they were in any sort of community with other people.

As I tried to make eye contact with people so that I could give them the nod (which has replaced the need to actually say “hello” to each other), I found very few of them that would even look in my direction.

I know what you’re probably thinking…   since I was on a prayer walk, it was probably my vocal prayers for the heathens and the stack of tracts in my hands that made people turn away from me. But that wasn’t the case! It was the kind prayer walk where we walked in two’s and three’s and prayed quietly under our breath. To other people also walking down the street, I would have been just some other guy walking down the street too.

I didn’t expect people to stop and start random conversations with me, but it was clear to me that there is little sense of true community in our communities today.

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