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Written by Dan King

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June 26, 2009

Qi-ZhangRecently TED Talks posted an organ performance from Qi Zhang that was simply awesome! This is what the TED website has to say about her…

Originating from Shanghai, China, Qi Zhang graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor’s in Electronic Organ. She is currently a Master of Music student at University of Southern California Thornton School of Music, studying organ performance with Professor Cherry Rhodes.
Zhang has been playing since the age of nine, performing in various venus in Shanghai, nationwide and overseas, including an electronic organ concert at Shanghai Concert Hall. She won First Prize in the International Electronic Organ Competition in Spain in 2004.

“The music being played sounds nothing like an organ; it’s a symphonic tune reminiscent of a Walt Disney World fireworks show. But all being played by her! Whoa! Drums, percussion, horns, strings … incredible.”
             — Brian Stokes

 [youtube iKorq7dE4gM Qi Zhang’s electrifying organ performance]

After watching this performance, I had a few thoughts about how to be awesome…

1. You don’t have to ease into doing something amazing.
2. You don’t need the coolest tools in order to create something awesome.
3. In order to do something excellent, you must commit your whole body to it.
4. It’s okay to throw in a little extra for dramatic effect.
5. Sometimes you need to go fast, and other times you need to slow it down.
6. Doing something great takes a proportionate amount of focus.
7. When you rock, people will applaud you for your performance.
8. It is important to be gracious when people applaud your work.


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how to be awesome

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