Take one part courage, one part passion, and one part crazy. Mix all of that together with a few talented people who are willing to sacrifice of themselves in order to accomplish a dream, and then top it all off with some dedicated Christ-followers with a story to tell.

The end result = a piece of art that will [hopefully] be remembered for a long time!

genr8mag-coverspineWhen I first heard about the start-up magazine called GENERATE, I was excited just to find an opportunity to contribute some of my work and experiences. But eventually what I found was that I got to be a part [even if it is a small part] of something special.

And now that I’m holding my copy of the inaugural issue in my hands, I am even more honored to have had the opportunity to contribute to something so awesome.

The first issue of GENERATE just hit mailboxes within the last week, and I can’t already can’t wait until the next issue comes out! And this isn’t a magazine that is going to get relegated to magazine rack duty. Oh no… This is one that rivals the coffee table books that I am often proud to display for all to see!

The stories are raw and real.

The poetry is beautiful and borders on worship.

The interviews are thought-provoking.

The photography and artwork reflect God in an awe inspiring way.

And the overall design is just…   cool.

The end result is a magazine that will make you think and feel, laugh and cry, rejoice and get mad. This magazine is a great collection that reflects the Spirit of Christianity in our day. I think that Makeesha Fisher [executive editor and one of the founders] says it best when she states…

…what I value so much is the collective voice that is coming through. A voice that is honest and conflicted but filled with a generous hope that is so compelling to me. I’d like to focus on the value of story and the inspiration and hope-giving power of telling and hearing our stories. The collective narrative holds no value without the telling and the hearing — which also means that we cannot chronicle and pass along our story as Christians without one another.

Well done GENERATE team! And if you haven’t seen GENERATE yet, then I strongly recommend that you subscribe now.

how to [generate] creativity

by Dan King time to read: 2 min